Thursday, May 19, 2011

Famicom Rockman Slang

This will probably be the final post in this series on Famicom related slang. I haven't done the whole list but its taking a fair bit of time. I might do some more at a later date.

For the last entry I thought I'd go for some of the Rockman slang, as that is a relatively popular one. These aren't all of the Rockman related phrases contained on Tata Hitori Famicom no Shonen's dictionary (from which all the terms in this series are drawn). I'm embarrassed to admit that I suck at Rockman and as a result don't play it much, so the meaning of some of the phrases were a bit beyond me due to my lack of familiarity with the games. I invite anyone out there to translate the other ones!

Here are the ones that I did understand:

岩男 (Iwao) - The Japanization of "Rockman", made using the characters for "Rock" and "Man".

カプコン的 - (Capcomteki) - Used to describe games that are similar in gameplay to Rockman. Literally means "Capcom-like".

金玉 でか金 (Kintama/ DekaKin) - the names of the power-ups in Rockman (small power up/ big power up). Literally these are Japanese slang for (ahem) testicles.

クイックマン棒  (Quickman Bou) - The beam on the Quickman stage of Rockman 2.

しらふで勝つ (Shirafu de katsu) - To beat a boss in any game in the Rockman series without using any special weapons. Drinking an energy can invalidates a Shirafu de katsu.

スライム (suraimu - slime?) - In Rockman 2 to avoid the enemy's shots by repetitively pushing the start button (not sure how that works).

ターターブロック (tata block) - The flashing blocks that appear in Rockman (named after the sound they make).

DIO様 (DIO sama) - refers to Flashman in Rockman 2 and Brightman in Rockman 4. It is a reference to something called "Manga Jo Jo" - I don't know what that is though!

土下座野郎 (Dogeza yarou) - A nickname for Dr. Wily. Literally means "Guy who bows deeply while sitting (kowtows)".

ヘルメットおじさん (Helmet Ojisan) - A nickname for the little enemies that wear helmets.

ボスハンター (Boss Hunter) - A person who is really good at beating the boss in games like Rockman or Akumajo.

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  1. Ha! I love these posts :) I suck at the Mega Man/Rock Man games, too, but I still like them quite a bit. Anyway, I think my favorite term is the Capcom-like one. It's funny/interesting how back then you really could say that certain games were Capcom-like, or Konami-like or Nintendo-like. Today, I think so many companies make similar games that it's hard to separate them in the same way (other than Nintendo and possibly a few others).

  2. BTW, my word verification for the last post was "brappybo." I thought that was funny for some reason :)

  3. It's from JoJo' Bizarre Adventure, a manga so awesome you should give a read.

  4. Thanks, Bryan! Rockman / Mega Man are really hard, aren't they? And yeah, you can say a lot of games are typically Capcom-like (and so on), some of the better companies had a certain style to their games. Brappybo? I like!

    Kaibun - many thanks for that explanation. Intrigued, I will now try to seek JoJo' Bizarre Adventure Manga out!

  5. Hi, you have a great blog here, great collection (and recollection) of Famicom games. Would you be interested in a link exchange? Let me know to send you info on my site ^^


  6. Thanks, Cathy.

    My usual policy with links is that so long as the subject matter has a logical link to this one (video games, retro stuff, etc) and the substantive content exhibits reasonable standards of quality, I'm game.

    So if that applies to your site, then I might be willing to. Post the link here and I'll have a look at it.

  7. Hmmm, we both got comments from "Catherine," it seems. Will be interesting to see what's up here :)

  8. I didn't get any comments from her :(

    Nice post again though Sean! :) You may suck at Rockman games but I've never played any (yet)! Embarrassing admission aside, these are very funny, much like the others :)

  9. Thanks, Simon. Don't feel bad, she hasn't followed up with her offer any further, not sure if that was legit or not.

    And you've never played Rockman? They are good games, but I think they might be slightly over-rated, so don't worry about that:)

  10. In megaman 2 when you put start for the little menu megaman does a teleportation animation (not completely) until you pushed start again, when you returned to the game megaman would teleport back in again (all this happened in a brief moment) and in the teleport animation time attacks can't hurt you, so if you did it right then you could avoid being shot by the enemy

  11. I am going to have to call them kintama for the rest of my days.