Monday, July 26, 2021

I turned my wife's car into a Bullet Bill


I discovered a neat DIY Mario related crafts idea the other day.  All you need is two magnet sheets (the type you use to write messages on fridge doors), a pair of scissors, a dry erase marker and a spouse who owns a black 2017 Toyota Sienta that they are willing to let you mess around with.

Fortunately this past Saturday my son and I found ourselves with a bit of free time and all of those things on hand, so we decided to turn my wife's car into a Bullet Bill.  In this post, I'll show you what we did.

But first, some background.  Recently I've been stopping at 100 Yen shops on the way home from work a lot looking for crafts ideas for the kids.  They sell those Perler beads that you melt together with an iron and we've made quite a lot of things out of those, like this Lakitu that hangs from our car port:

While I was hanging that up I noticed that a black 2017 Toyota Sienta kind of looks like a Bullet Bill.  That thought stuck with me for a few days.  

Then when I was at the 100 Yen shop last week looking for ideas I found these magnetic sheets and had the idea that I could cut them up to look like the mouth and eyes of Bullet Bill.  So I bought some.

My son and I set up a little work station on our picnic table on Saturday and cut everything to order.  
Then we slapped it onto the car!
The ideal location for these really would have been the panel directly below the headlights, but unfortunately we discovered that is made of plastic and the magnets don't stick to it.  So we had to put it on the side behind the lights.  It still looks pretty cool I think.  
My wife was a pretty good sport about it.  Since these are just magnetic sheets you can just take them off whenever you want, but she went shopping with them still on and told me they made it a lot easier to spot the car in the parking lot, which was an unexpected bonus.  

So anyway, if you've got a kind of boring looking car that you want to make look a bit more bad-ass, I highly recommend doing this to it.  

I should add a couple of precautions though - you have to make sure the magnets are on a completely flat surface to prevent the risk of them getting blown off while driving.  Also the ones we use aren't designed to get wet, so these are a sunny-day only type of thing.