Monday, October 24, 2011

More Stuff: Donkey Kong Jr and Snoopy Tennis Game and Watches

I`ve been in to Omocha Souko almost every day this week and in an amazing run of luck every time I have found some new bargain they have put out. Today was no exception. In their 300 yen junk bin today I fished out two vintage Game and Watches: Donkey Kong Jr. and Snoopy Tennis.

I really love Game and Watches but only have a small collection of them so far, so I was pretty psyched to be able to score a pair for only 600 yen. The prices for these usually start from about 3000 yen each and can go much higher.

Snoopy Tennis unfortunately turned out to be a dud. The screen is completely messed up and though it makes game sounds when turned on it is basically useless. These are the risks one takes when purchasing stuff from the junk bin! Its too bad as I really like the look of the unit:
Donkey Kong Jr on the other hand turned out to be a major score, which more than made up for that. I put some batteries in and found that it works perfectly. It has a couple of small scratches but is in otherwise great condition. I love the green and white color scheme accentuated by the red buttons:
One thing I like about the design of these types of Game and Watches is that they have little stands on the back that allow you to display them easily like I have it in the photo above.
Donkey Kong Jr also had the battery cover, which was a cool bonus. A lot of Game and Watches (like my Snoopy Tennis) have lost them over the years.

Its a great little game. The gameplay is somewhat similar to the game`s Famicom version in that you have to jump and climb vines to avoid little alligators and birds as they come at you. I`ve been playing it for the past hour or so and quite enjoyed it.

I didn`t get this with it but found an image of the original handbill for this game which is just as aweseome. They originally sold for 4800 yen, not a bad deal!

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  1. I am thinking that the time was gone of this console because Nintendo had announced new console at 3d level. That's why most of the gamers like to go for Nintendo and want to enjoy 3d experience.

  2. More great finds! It's a shame the Snoopy one is broken, Snoopy rules! :) I was never a big G&W fan, I must admit, but I know how popular and collectible they are so I'm sure you're very pleased! :)

  3. Nice find. I got one of the tiny micro game and watches recently that were released and it was a donkey kong Jr. game. It's still remarkably playable. Mine definitely isn't as collectible as the old school one you found :)

  4. Wow, you're really in a roll lately! I really like the look of that DK Jr. G&W, too, by the way -- and that game's handbill. The art style Nintendo used back then (also for its arcade cabinets and Famicom box covers) was awesome :)

  5. OK... you've made a deal with a gaming deity, haven't you? What, did you have to promise your first born son to it or something? I mean, all these great deals you've been tripping over lately... Let a guy in on your wondrous secrets, eh?

  6. Harley - yes, but those 3d things are for regular gamers. This is for retro gamers! :)

    Simon - thanks! I was disappointed as I am also a snoopy fan, but for that price I can`t complain.

    Retr0gamer - thanks. Donkey Kong Jr really is a great game on these isn`t it? Its kind of addictive.

    Bryan - I agree, the early 80s Nintendo artwork on handbills, etc was really great. Nice use of color and character!

  7. Skyrunner - LOL, yes. I made a number of sacrifices in honor of the god of video game bargains and she has rewarded me for my faith!

  8. Wow totally awesome!!! I love the Game & Watch handhelds!! Congrats sir!

  9. Thanks, FF! I love them too! You have a pretty good collection going to, eh?

  10. Great pickups :) My brothers and I actually had those two Game and Watches when we were kids - the other one we had was a pastel blue Super Mario. I went hunting at my parents' place last year determined to find them in all the stuff sitting in cupboards, but came up with nothing but blanks. I'd love to know where they went!!

  11. Thanks, Sean! Wow, you actually had both of these? I wonder if your old ones mysteriously made their way to Japan somehow to end up in the Omocha Souko junk bin!