Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Another Extremely Rare Sealed Video Game Bites the Dust

Funny story.

Today I yet again found myself in Omocha Souko. I had a very specific purchase in mind. It was just one game. It was relatively expensive at 2000 yen (about 27$), but a good deal considering what it was.

The game was Pacar for the Sega SG-1000, a console I had just purchased the other day and didn`t have any games for yet.

This wasn`t just any copy of Pacar though. This was a pristine mint copy that was still sealed. Wow.

Now, I am on record here as finding this whole collecting sealed games trend silly. My somewhat condescending views on that segment of the retro game collecting hobby have not, however, entirely blinded me to the fact that hard to find sealed games are worth a lot of money.

It is pretty safe to say that Pacar, or just about any SG-1000 game, is pretty hard to find. I did a search on Ebay and found a CIB copy that wasn`t sealed going for about 35$, which seems about right.

So my rational, calculating brain thought to itself `Hey, the price they are charging for the sealed one is less than what an unsealed one costs elsewhere. So I can buy it and then decide whether I want to open it or maybe sell it for more to some sealed game collector and then use some of the funds to buy a loose copy and save the rest. Either way I win.`

Brilliant plan. It went smoothly at first. I arrived at Omocha Souko, picked the game off the shelf and proceded to the cashier. I waited in line while another customer was served. Then when my turn came I placed it on the counter next to the register.

Then something interesting happened. The guy at the cash picked it up and looked at the price tag. He punched in the amount. Then - in a single motion that happened so quickly I didn`t have a chance to utter a word of protest - he ripped the plastic seal completely off the box so that he could check to make sure the cart in the box was the correct one.

For about 30 seconds afterwards I stood motionless, looking like this while the cashier awkwardly peeled the cash from my catatonically frozen hand:
Yet another victim of an Omocha Souko human resources policy that does not require employees to know anything about the collector value of retro video games.

Anyhoo, I`m not really upset about it as it takes the agony of the `should I open it or sell it` decision out of my hands. And now all I have to do is get an AC adaptor for my SG-1000 II and I`ll be able to see if it works!

And if any of you have seen auctions at which sealed SG-1000 II games went for astronomical sums, please do me the favor of keeping that information to yourselves.

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  1. I'm sure if the guy knew what he did, I'm sure he'd be happier knowing he was dealing with you instead of some hardcore collector who would have yelled at him and resulting in many employees of Omocha Souko bowing apologetically.

  2. skyrunner14 here:
    Well, I'm glad you have a game to try out the SG-1000 with. But that power source? Well, considering the luck you've had finding things at Omocha Souka recently, you'll probably find exactly what you're looking for next visit! Here's hoping anyway...

  3. Nate - yes, I couldn`t imagine getting mad at him like some people undoubtedly would. I actually think the amusing anecdote I gained from the experience is worth way more than any sealed game!

    SKyrunner - Yes, I hope so! Actually I am trying to find out if maybe my Famicom AC adaptor might work on it. I definitely don`t want to risk blowing it up or anything but I`m hoping it might!

  4. Well, at least you have a nice boxed copy of a SG-1000 game :) Like you I'm not very good with the "buying sealed games" thing, because all I'll want to do is open it up to play it :)

  5. Sean - yeah, I`m quite satisfied to just have the game to play with so this works out well for me either way. I could never resist the temptation and just leave it sealed!

  6. Haha, blimey! Imagine how pissed you'd be if you were one of the silly sealed game collectors! I look forward to reading some more about this game which I suspect I'll be able to very soon... ;)

  7. Yes, it is luckky for them that I don`t collect sealed stuff. It is a really fun game if you like Pac Man type ones BTW!

  8. Two points:

    I thought Japanese retro games were never sealed. SFC games definitely were not sealed ever. I'm pretty sure FC games were not either. I am GUESSING that it was the same with SG-1000 and Mark III games. This might have been a case of a store having sealed the game in order to retain the original condition.

    2. I used to have an SG-1000 and a Mark III. The regular old Mega Drive/PC Engine AC adapter powered them on just fine, as they used the same specs. I imagine the Mark II would be just fine with an MD/PCE PSU.

    -Breetai/Firebomber7 from Racketboy/DP/a bunch of other forums.

  9. That is true, the Famicom and SFC games weren`t sealed. I actually haven`t seen any other boxed Sega SG-1000 games so I don`t know for sure that they came sealed originally. I believed it was sealed mainly because:

    1. The box inside was in mint condition as you would expect a sealed one to be;
    2. The shop I bought it from puts used games into clear bags rather than sealing them.

    It is possible though that a previous shop had done it. I`d be interested to know what the deal is there.

    And you are spot-on right about the PC Engine adaptor, I ended up giving it a try with that and the thing works great!