Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Donkey Kong Game and Watch: Yet Again, More Stuff

My daily sacrifices to the gods of video game shopping bargains are really paying off these days. Yesterday Omocha Souko had tossed another classic Game and Watch right into their 300 yen junk bin. Donkey Kong!

The front plate is a bit scratched but otherwise it is perfect. It works great and has the battery cover! Get!
It is quite a good game too. The gameplay is quite similar to the first level of Donkey Kong on the Famicom. You just run up the screen, jumping over barrels as usual. When you get to the top though you have to jump at the right time to grab this swinging crane hook. The Donkey Kong Jr Game and Watch has a similar device at the top, only in that one you need to grab a vine.
The orange color scheme is decent enough, though I do prefer the green white and red of Donkey Kong Jr or the Blue of Donkey Kong Hockey. For 300 yen though I definitely can`t complain.

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  1. Totally awesome! and an amazing find for 300 yen! Nicely done!

  2. Bwa ha ha, you made reference to my joke in the last entry comments! That made my day. I still can't believe you've been so lucky finding stuff at that store so much, though...

  3. Sweet! Another great find! :) You should go there every day at the moment. Even if you find something you've got you could sell it in feeBay for a profit! :P

  4. FF - thanks, great deal, eh?

    Skyrunner - yes your comment on the last post inspired the first line of this one! Many thanks:)

    Simon - Yeah, I actually have been hitting that shop every day for the past week or so (usually I drop in once or twice a week). I`ve picked up a few things that I`ll be putting up on my little sales page on Famicom World sometime!

  5. ....Well, I have managed to stalk this blog for a long time while holding back my sheer jealousy of your luck and collection but I think this past week or so has done it in. The kind of things you find are simply amazing. Amazing!! It should be a crime to ever allude to something as beautiful as that as junk! It kind of makes me want to go back to Japan just for the game stores..... and maybe also undo the wrong I did in 2008 by buying a $25 Rockman 2 cart over a $35 Castlevania one ehehehe..... I blame my low knowledge of value of games back then.

    Ah well, keep up the amazing finds~!

  6. Oh, now you're just being mean, Sean! Twist the knife a bit more, why don't you :P Honestly, though, you've acquired some amazing stuff as of late. Is this the end of it (for the time being, obviously), or are there more such posts to come??

  7. deogenerate - Thanks for holding back the jealousy:) It is odd that this stuff is referred to as junk, ins`t it? I can`t complain though, if they didn`t call it that I probably couldn`t afford it!

    Bryan - yes, this is a bit mean;) I`ve picked up a few other things in my recent shopping trips, but nothing else worthy of its own post. Who knows what they`ll throw out there tomorrow though:)

  8. Just promise if you ever happen to find a prototype of some game you'll find a way to dump it so the rest of the Famicom-loving Internet can enjoy it to! I mean, I know it's a slim chance, but with your luck as of late...

  9. LOL, I promise I will do that, Skyrunner!

  10. Dude, you are on a roll so don't stop! I know how that feels!!! Take advantage and go all out~!

  11. Thanks FF, I`m going for broke!