Friday, June 3, 2011

Bad Computer! Very Bad! And Famicom Store Pictures!

Yesterday my computer suffered some sort of catastrophic hard drive failure. Everything gone. The last time I backed up my stuff was about 6 months ago, so the thousands of pictures I've taken since then are gonzo.

This included a ton of Famicom related ones that I had taken and was saving for future posts on here. I probably lost about 5 blog posts worth of pictures. Bad computer, very bad.

Fortunately the memory card in my camera still had a few including these ones I took at Omocha Souko after they got a new arrival of Famicom stuff a couple weeks ago, so I thought I'd use them to make a post.

First the stuff in the glass cases:
They put a lot of boxed stuff in there, much of which I purchased before this photo was taken. I got my copy of Crazy Climber out of here and a few others. I had taken a bunch of photos of my new boxed collection for a future post....but they have been lost. I'll have to set them up for another photo shoot sometime.

Anyway, some of the stuff in there is reasonably priced (Tiny Toon Adventures CIB for 300 yen), some of it isn't (Baltron CIB for 1200). I think it looks rather cool though, Omocha Souko hasn't had a neat looking Famicom showcase in a while so it is refreshing to see this.

The case below that one is pretty cool too:
The Famicom on the right is a new one in mint condition for 10,000 yen. I haven't looked inside of the box, but that seems like a pretty good deal based on what they go for on Ebay.

The clear plastic box to the left of it is a pretty decent deal too. It contains a complete Famicom, complete Famicom Disk System and a copy of Super Mario Bros. 2 for 10,000 yen (about 120$). It says they have been tested and work and if that is accurate it is a reasonable deal (but I don't trust them over stuff like this anymore.)

They have also accumulated a pretty good pile of junk Famicoms for 300 yen each. I just like the look of piles of Famicoms so I took this photo:
As usual, my favorite sight was the new crate of junk Famicom games they had put out:
There were some really good deals in there, all the games were priced between 100 and 300 yen (1 and 3 $). I bought 10 of them (I took this photo after getting mine, so they aren't in it).

As I now find myself short on photo material for future posts, instead of introducing all the games I got, I thought I might introduce these one by one in a series of "100 yen Famicom Cart buys" posts. Stay tuned to this space!

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  1. Oh, no! Sorry to hear you lost so many photos. Hopefully you didn't lose lots of other important stuff, too.

    I love seeing these these shots of the interiors of Japanese gaming stores, by the way. That first photo of the Mother cart (sitting next to a few others) is especially nice!

  2. Thanks, Bryan! Fortunately I had all my work files backed up so I didn't lose them. The only thing that really hurt to lose were all the photos from my Kyoto trip a couple months ago, though thankfully I put some of them on my other blog so not quite all of them were lost!

    I like interior photos of gaming shops too. I love browsing other people's pictures of game shops which is one of the reasons I try to put as many up here as possible. They are just kind of fun to look at.

  3. Oh to too! Your photos are always so good so I'm sorry to hear you've lost a load of them... :( I'm going to back up my PC tonight now :P

  4. Yes, better back up everything you value!

    On the plus side I got a new laptop over the weekend:)

  5. Haha, oops, that was supposed to say "Oh no too!"... :P

  6. LOL, yes that makes more sense!