Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Takeshi`s Castle on the Famicom: My First Famicom Internet Purchase!

Something happened yesterday that has never happened to me before. A Famicom game arrived in the mail. The game? Fuun Takeshi Jou 2 (Takeshi`s Castle 2)!
I should give a quick thanks here to the awesome Manuel at Famicom World, who sold the game to me and mailed it in record time.

I had been wanting that game for a couple of weeks since I bought Fuun Takeshi Jou (Takeshi`s Castle), the first of the two games in that series at a shop here in town.
These are both games in the Family Trainer series, which is a pretty awesome series actually. The games are both based on the Takeshi`s Castle TV show, a show whose existance is a constant reminder that once upon a time Japanese Television actually broadcast stuff that was worth watching:

The games feature similar challenges as those on the TV show. There is a pretty good review of the first one on Pink Gorilla here. They were also featured on an episode of Game Center CX at one point.

You might wonder how I enjoyed them. Unfortunately I haven`t been able to do so. Perhaps my predicament is best described in the following mathematical formula:

Overcrowded Japanese apartment


Dog who LOVES to do nothing but bite feet all day


Not a good environment for Family Trainer games

So basically my Family Trainer pad has been sitting in its box collecting dust ever since we got the little guy. Someday though I am going to break that thing out and give these a try.

Incidentally if you are interested in getting a copy of the first of these games, go check out Manuel`s shop (linked above). He has the most reasonably priced copy of it you are ever likely to find, and he is a great guy to be buying stuff from to boot!


  1. Did you know that they show Takeshi`s Castle here in the states? They call it MXC (most extreme elimination challenge) and showed it on Spike TV. 5 seasons, 81 episodes of AWESOME.

  2. Yeah I heard about that. Ironically it is not on the air here (re-runs are rare on Japanese TV)!

  3. Ah, Takeshi's Castle, the best game show ever conceived. Why the heck was it even cancelled? I remember I used to watch this brazilian version every sunday back in the 90's.'Twas called 'Olimpíadas do Faustão'. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvwzFaf43V8

    By the way Sean, just how rare are those Metal Storm carts? How much do they go for?

    1. It was cancelled under similar circumstances to Seinfeld here is the U.S.: Both creators decided the shows had gone on long enough, and as a result both decided to stop doing them.

  4. BR here.
    Olimpíadas do Faustão was more of a brazilian rip-off, than a 'version'. Seems like we even pirate japanese tv shows LOL.
    I'd watch these shows over football any day (either the American or the real kind).

    Nice heads up on that game center cx episode, that pad was obviously the precursor to DDR, do you think it's possible this game may also have influenced the Wii and the whole motion control fad that came with it?
    Your dog is adorable, btw.

  5. Oh man, that dog of yours is adorable! I love that picture of it hugging the Famicom controller! :D

  6. kaibun - very interesting stuff!

    The Metal Storm carts aren`t too rare, but they are harder to find than most. I think they go for about 1000 yen or so maybe.

  7. BR - I think the pad and a lot of the Famicom controllers (Power Glove, etc) had a big influence on the Wii motion controller (and the DDR pad before that). The technology unfortunately was a bit ahead of its time in the 80s though!

    And thanks, the dog is a bit of a cute one when he isn`t biting!

  8. Thanks Skyrunner, that is my favorite picture of him ever:)

  9. The US version of Metal Storm was pretty good. the gravity switch feature kept it fresh...

  10. Great purchase! But admittedly what drew me to comment was the amazing picture you chose for "overcrowded Japanese apartment" (I lol'd) and that ADORABLE dog of yours! Do you mind if I ask what breed it is? I'm looking to get a tiny dog that would be perfect for apartment living... I miss having pets!

  11. Thanks apricotsushu! That representation of an overcrowded Japanese apartment is actually the Black Hole of Calcutta, which may actually have been more spacious than an average apartment here:)

    Our dog is a toy poodle. That is a pretty good breed for apartments I think, not too big or anything and very friendly and playful. He does bark a fair bit when he gets excited which is the only drawback for apartment dwellers (not all night or anything, just when someone comes to the door).

  12. Blimey, I didn't even know what the Family Trainer is, I just had to look it up! :| Looks like good fun but I see what you mean about needing space. Good to see Famicomdog again too :)

  13. THanks Simon! I think it was called the Power Pad internationally. Kind of a neat thing if you have the space for it:)