Saturday, August 18, 2012

More Famicom Erasers

As I mentioned in the previous post, I picked up a lot of Famicom erasers last week. They are pretty neat little things, basically mini versions of Famicom carts.

I am pretty sure these were released by Amada, the same company that made the Famicom Mini cards in the mid-80s. I`m not sure how many they made but I have Donkey Kong Jr, Exerion, Ninja Kun, Urban Champion, Mario Bros, Dig Dug, Tennis, Formation Z and Galaga.

They are quite a bit smaller than the original carts and not quite the same, as a comparison of Galaga cart and eraser reveals:

One of them, in a Mario Bros box, contained a mini Family Computer, the Eraser Computer rather than a version of the game`s cart:
It doesn`t have the controllers but it still looks kind of neat:)


  1. What cute little erasers! Where would these have been bought originally, Sean? Would they have been prizes "won" from capsule machines, or would they have been purchased in some other way? Regardless, they're adorable. Great gets :)

  2. They are cute, aren`t they? I think they were sold in sets at toy stores back in the day, with a few different ones included as I saw one on Yahoo Auctions that was still in its original packing (sold for some crazy amount). They may also have been sold as capsules, these ones actually came with a few plastic capsules, but I am not sure if they were original or just put in them later. They are capsule-sized though and fit perfectly so maybe.

  3. Hey Sean, I don't have anything to contribute to the global Famicom eraser dialogue, but I mentioned to you ages ago that I was using unwanted Famicom carts for art projects and thought you might like to see what I've been doing with the stuff I bought from you from famicomworld! (as Jascony) Here's my blog:

    I'm trying to give Golf and Moero Pro Yakyuu carts a new lease on life, haha. Thanks for being such a reliable and reasonable source!

  4. Hello Sir, i have a question, what's exactly your mail, cause in the front page it doesnt say it properly with the @.

    I am interested on buying a Super Famicom, but i need to know.

    1.- How cheaper can be found at retro stores now days.
    2.- how expensive can be shipping to mexico.
    3.- Does Super Famicom runs US SNES games?.

    1. Super Famicom's can run US games with an adapter or modifying the plastic tabs in the system.

  5. Sean, these are seriously cool! I can't even tempt myself to look for them though.... There comes a time when a foreigner in Japan has to put the wallet away. :D

  6. those are so awesome, i wish i could get some here in los anageles

  7. Hey Sean! Have you mysteriously vanished? Novelty erasers can only keep my attention for so long... where'd you go?

  8. Thanks for the comments everyone!

    Skyrunner - Sorry for vanishing for a while, I am in the middle of a big move/ job change so I have had to put Famicomblog on hold for a little while! Hopefully I will be able to get it back up and running in a while, but for the next month or so sadly this intermission in content will continue!

  9. Ah, a big move and job change, huh? Moving into a bigger place? If so, maybe you can finally get that Saturn we talked about what seems like ages ago... ;-P

    Anyway, glad to see you're still kicking, and good luck with all that! I think I speak for everyone when I say we're looking forward to whenever you next update. :D

  10. Awesome little things. Shame it looks like the Tiny carts don't fit inside the Tiny famicom.

  11. Oh my God, this is so awesome! I just found your blog while browsing to buy my own Famicom, and it's such a cool blog! Congrats, I am so jealous of your incredible collection. Keep up the good work!

  12. Thanks Betina! I`ve been blogging less recently but kind comments give me some motivation to get back on it!!