Saturday, December 3, 2011

Famicom Robot Presents: The Famicom Stuff Collection

The Famicom has a lot of stuff to go with it. Most of this stuff I seem to have, except for the 3D glasses, tape deck and a few other things. Still, I got most of it.

In this guest post the Famicom Robot, Phil, offers his thoughts on some of the highlights of my Famicom stuff collection.

1. The Hori Controller
Phil: Yeah, this is cool I guess. I mean, its like a regular Famicom controller right? With these swtiches for the rapid multi fire or whatever. I don`t have fingers so that helps me out a bit, its hard to repeatedly hit that fire button for me. Yeah OK, I give it a thumbs up.

2. Power Glove
Phil: What the hell am I supposed to do with this thing?

3. Famicom Light Gun
Phil: Now THIS I like. Yes. YES! You talkin` to me?

4. Family Basic
Phil: Its not very ergonomically sound. I really have to bend over to tap away at that keyboard. Not good for my back at all. No sireee. I do not like this. Not at all.

5. Famicom Karaoke Studio
Phil: Only you......can make this world seem right... O-o-only you.....can make the darkness bright....

6. Some Capcom Controller With Lots of Buttons that I Never Use

7. Famicom RF Switch Booster:
Phil: Don`t know what it is but I like it. Its like a little Phil-sized Famicom.


  1. Phil should start his own blog.

  2. Ok, that's adorable. And I agree with BRIK: Phile needs his own blog -- or at least he needs to make more appearances on this one :)

    BTW, this post just reiterates how much I love the design of ROB.

    Oh, and one more thing (sorry): What in the hell is that Capcom controller supposed to be used for??

  3. If I remember correctly that Capcom controller was for a horse race game? I may be wrong though! Explain mastah! I love the pics btw! Awesome R.O.B. Phil!

  4. BRIK - I`ll run the idea by Phil:)

    Bryan - Thanks. The Capcom controller is for some sort of Shogi or Go game I think, I just picked it up out of a junk bin for the hell of it!

    FF - Thanks. I`m pretty sure its for a shogi or go game but not 100%.

  5. nice RF booster ! is it a Nintendo licensed product? I've never seen one before even in photos!

  6. Capcom controller should be for mahjong. Never seen a black one though...

  7. Dark Rift - yes it is! Kind of cool, isn`t it? It is shaped just like a Famicom. I didn`t need it but couldn`t resist buying it because it looked so cool!

    Alec - Thanks! I knew it was for some genre that I didn`t play and Mahjong makes sense!

  8. That Mahjong controller must be the second iteration of it (given the 'II' suffix)? I tried the game out the other night but since I don't know the exact method of play I rather failed miserably!

  9. Loved the photo-blog with the ROB showing everything off :) Some great accessories there though, never seen an RF booster before!!

  10. What about the old Family Computer Network System?

  11. Yelir - yes, I think the 2 on it refers to the second version of the game!

    Sean - thanks! The RF booster is a favorite among the things that I have never actually had a use for!

    Tim - yes, that is one of the holy grails of Famicom non-game stuff. I`ve never actually seen one in person!

  12. You should rename the blog The Phil and Doogle Show :)

    Haha, just joshing :) Nice collection of bits and pieces though, I bet some of it's pretty hard to come by, all of it even :)

  13. THanks Simon, I might change the name!

  14. Why does Phil appear so little? He is my favorite character on this blog besides its author.

  15. Thanks Logan!

    I used a bit of forced perspective in these shots to make Phil look a bit smaller. Plus that Power Glove is actually pretty big!