Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Famicom Crap I Came Across but did not buy while Christmas Shopping!

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. We had a great one here with lots of presents and merriment had by all.

Unlike last year I did not actually get any video game stuff this year. While doing my Christmas shopping at shops like the Loft, Village Vanguard and InCube, however, I did come across some kind of interesting Famicom themed stuff. I didn`t actually buy any of it, but I had my camera with me so I took a few photos and thought I`d put them up in a post here.

The first was the FC Mobile, which I found in Village Vanguard:
Basically its a mobile device that plays Famicom carts. It looks cool on the box, but I`m always reluctant to buy these knock off type things as quality is always a big question. Also it doesn`t have rechargable batteries so you have to use the old fashioned ones. At 3,980 yen (about 50$) the price was also a bit high, given that you can buy an original CIB Famicom for about that much, even less.

They also had a Super Famicom/ Famicom Famiclone called the Game Combo:
The price tag is a bit difficult to read in the photo but I think it was about 6000 yen (75$). Already having a Super Famicom and a Famicom I have no need for this, but I could almost see it being worthwhile for someone who doesn`t, assuming that it is of decent quality (which is always a question mark with these Famiclones).

This thing also caught my eye and I have no idea what it is:
It is SKMT by a company called Lanstrum. It caught my eye because the design of the box is an obvious nod to the early Famicom game boxes. This carries over to the back:
It seems to be a CD, but I`m not sure if it is a music CD or PC game software or what. I thought it was interesting too that the character on the front cover art is wearing a Power Glove and carrying a weapon that looks like the Super Scope for the SFC.

Anyway, the only thing I would have considered actually purchasing was this:
Its a cell phone case shaped like a Famicom controller. My cell phone is a flip one so I don`t think I could use this, but I thought it was kind of cool and if I ever did get a cell phone case then this would be it.

At another store, InCube, these things caught my eye:
They are Dragon Quest puzzles. The boxes are almost identical to the Famicom boxes for these games, right down to their size:
630 yen each (about 8$). I`m not a Dragon Quest fan nor am I a fan of game related merchandise unless it is some really old, obscure thing. Still, I thought these looked kind of nice.


  1. In reference to the CD you spotted, I suggest you take a look at this:

    I'd like to know who did the cover art; it gives off something of a MegaTen vibe to me.

  2. Those portable Famicom things are a cool novelty, but I get bad Sega Nomad flashbacks of huge carts in a huge handheld with a mediocre screen.

  3. I don't think I'd ever get an iPhone, but yeah, that's the case to get.

  4. Thanks anonymous for that link! Cool cover art, eh?

    Mark - yeah I agree. A friend bought something similar a couple years ago and complained that the games were almost unplayable on such a small, poor quality screen.

    Nate - yeah, me too:)

  5. I have that exact same FC Mobile, along with a bunch of other portable famicom handhelds. That is one of the better ones out there imho.


  6. Also that SKMT is Professor Sakamoto's music album Lanstrum.

  7. Ah, glad to know that the FC Mobile works well! I was kind of curious since the packaging certainly looks quite good.

  8. Sean, do you ever watch any of JewWario's videos? I think that FC Mobile is the same type he used as a prop in his two-year anniversary video.

    Also, if that thing works really well, I'll have to see if I can find one! Itt'd be cool to play Famicom on the go.

  9. Actually I have enjoyed a couple of JewWario`s videos, but I haven`t seen one with the FC Mobile. I will have to check that out!

  10. I would like to ask about the Iphone retro phone case. is it sort of rubbery or is it one of those hard cases which actually last some time?

  11. Good question, Simona. Unfortunately I`m not too sure. I didn`t take it out of the plastic case and I didn`t buy it. I think it was a hard case though.

  12. Some nice finds, you clearly have a good eye! :) I like the look of that phone case too but I doubt I could use it. My phone doesn't have a case because everyone here has a bloody iPhone (except me) so only cases and accessories for those are available... Stupid sheep (mutter, grumble)...

    That handheld Famicom looks pretty sweet too but I've never really been into handheld gaming. If I was, I'd put a load of emulators on my PSP but I probably wouldn't get around to using them much :P

  13. Yes, Simon, I too am one of the few without an iPhone and thus am unable to purchase neat things like the rest of the sheep:)

    I`m not much of a handheld guy either. I`ve heard that these have the added problem that the games were designed to be played on TVs and so a lot of them don`t work well on the small screen (ie the characters are too small to see, etc).