Monday, January 23, 2012

Little Family Computer Memo

I found something at Mandarake yesterday that I couldn`t resist plunking down a few hundred yen for. A teeny weeny Famicom, complete with a teeny weeny Ice Climber cart.
It isn`t even as big as a Famicom cart:
It is not, of course, a functional mini version of the Famicom. It is actually a memo pad holder:I love the fact that the memo paper has pictures of the Famicom on it:
The level of detail on something so small is quite impressive. It looks just like a real Famicom:The only thing missing is the controller wires, but otherwise its all there. Even the writing telling you where the expansion port cover is:
These were released in 2004. I have seen pictures of them on the internet from time to time but this is the first time I`ve ever actually found one. They came in five different versions: Ice Climber, Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros., Zelda and Dr. Mario. They only had the Ice Climber one available, which is cool as I probably would have gone for that one anyway.

The box is pretty cool too actually, very similar to the old Famicom box:
I only have 30 pages of that Family Computer paper and I doubt I`ll be able to find anymore, so I will use it sparingly.

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  1. LOL, no. I think I would need a really small TV;)

  2. Rad man! I just found your blog and I'm really diggin' it. I collect NES games (a very small collection, I have my own rules), but after a recent visit to Japan I've (un)fortunately begun to collect Famicom titles as well!

    I'm very interested in how you came to live in Japan, and what life is like living with your collection in your tiny apartment. I'd love it if you could shoot me an email -- I promise not to take too much time away from your collecting. haha

    At any rate, I'm following this blog now!

  3. Thanks Mitchel!

    I understand the need to keep rules about the scope of a collection. I also understand how easy it is to succumb to temptation and break those rules:)

    I`ve been living in Japan on and off since 1999, as with so many I originally came over as an English teacher only intending to stay for a year I am;)

  4. Ok, that is *adorable*! And the paper even has an image of a Famicom on it. Awesome!

    I second your comment about it being easy to succumb to the temptation to breaking the rules you originally put in place for your collection, by the way. When I began collecting Famicom games, I told myself, "Only the Pulse Line carts and a few other must-have games, like the Super Mario series and Final Fantasy," etc. I've broken that rule many times over since then. Hopefully someday I'll be able to stop myself :P

  5. Thanks, Bryan, it is adorable, isn`t it?

    And I knew from the second that you got that Red Twin Famicom that whatever limits you tried to place on your Famicom collection, the temptation to much other stuff...would eventually overwhelm you:)

  6. That is fantastic! I'd love one of those too but would probably never use it! :)

  7. priceless... i remember i peed on it when i was a kid

  8. LOL, you....peed on a Famicom? I think the instruction manual specifically warns against doing that, the cart slot flap isn`t waterproof:)