Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Famicomblog 100th Anniversary Experiment

This is my 100th post on Famicomblog. Yay. To celebrate the occasion I thought I would perform an experiment. In order to perform this experiment I required two things.

First, 100 Famicom carts, one for each blog post.

Second, this dog:
I suppose that is actually 101 things, but never mind about that.

My experiment was to see how many of the 100 Famicom carts I could stack on top of each other, free-standing, in a small room without this dog knocking them over.

I began stacking them in groups of seven. The first seven posed no problem:
Fourteen and still OK:
Twenty one and doing fine:
Twenty eight, everything is still smooth:
Thirty five and counting:
Forty two and we are starting to see some wobble, but we're still safe:
Forty nine. We've now reached the point where it is too dangerous to continue stacking them seven at a time. From now on it is one by one:
Fifty! Halfway there:
Fifty one!
Fifty two! Hey we might actually make it!!
Oh no:
Sigh. Fifty two it is!
So there you go. Another one of science's mysteries resolved through the use of a controlled experiment in the field. You cannot stack up more than 52 Famicom carts in a small, enclosed room with my dog.

LinkAnyway, thanks for reading everybody!

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  1. First: Congratulations! The best part of this achievement for all of your readers (including myself) is that every one of those 100 posts has been well worth reading :)

    Second: Oh no! Hopefully none of the carts that fell over were damaged? Or did they fail to work before they fell?

    Third: I love how your dog looks the same in nearly every photo you've taken of him. He always looks like he feels sorry for doing something wrong :) Of course, he's awfully cute, so I'm sure that even if he does do something wrong you can't stay angry at him for too long!

    Anyway, congrats again. I very much look forward to reading 100 more of your posts!

  2. Thanks, Bryan! I feel the same about your blog, although you've got way more than 100 posts!

    I haven't checked the carts for damage, but aware that they would likely be falling over like this I only used ones from my doubles pile, so I'm not too worried about them. Famicom carts are quite sturdy anyway.

    And you are right about how Doogle looks. Not just in pictures, but in day to day life he always looks that way. The best explanation for it is probably the fact that he never goes more than 5 minutes without doing something that he knows he isn't supposed to do and the guilt is constantly haunting him:)

  3. Haha, that was one of the funniest blog posts I've ever seen! :P Congratulations on one hundred superb posts. It's a testament to the quality of your musings that I read every one despite having little... affiliation, if you like... with the subject matter. Keep up the great work, I look forward to reading your next hundred posts.

    By the way, that must be one of the most amusing-looking dogs ever! :D I hope he didn't break any of your carts...

  4. My first impulse was to scoff at your cavalier treatment of Famicom carts, I soon realized that you don't know the horrors of EMS shipping and Japanese Ebay resellers.

    Seriously, though, congrats. Keep them coming and I'll keep reading, as will many of us.

  5. Ha! I love your comment, videogamesarerad, and I agree 100 percent! My first thought was, "Hey, each one of those must have cost you $5 to $10 on eBay!" Then I remember that he picks them up by the boatload -- the cheap boatload -- at stores within biking/walking distance of his home :P

  6. Simon - thanks! I enjoy your blog posts too, very interesting to read the musings of someone from the UK the same age as me with similar interests!!

    And the dog is cute,isn't he? He is sitting at my feet begging for attention as I write this.

  7. Videogamesarerad and Bryan - yup! Most of my carts I got in lots for an average of about 50 - 100 yen per cart, so breaking the odd one or two in the name of scientific research is worth the cost to me.

    If I had to actually order these things from across the Pacific...the dog would not be allowed anywhere near them:)