Monday, July 2, 2012

My Famicom Collection: A Short Update

Famicom Collection
A few days ago I went from working 7 days a week and going almost 2 months without taking a day off to suddenly finding myself with some free time on my hands.  This allowed me to catch up on some much-needed Famicom collection housekeeping.

I had a little disaster late last year in which my paper checklist that I had been using to keep track of the collection disappeared under mysterious circumstances. I don`t want to alarm anyone but I believe it was stolen by members of a super secret wing of the Swiss Guards under the personal direction of the Pope who ordered its destruction due to the fact that, owing to an amazing coincidence, the series of Famicom carts I owned would, if you used the third letter of each game title in order by date of release, spell out a message that would lead one to a secret stash of evidence in the Vatican`s vaults that proved that Jesus and Mary Magdelaine had sired offspring the linear descendants of which are still alive and currently employed as hair stylists in Tom Cruise`s entourage (though Katie may gain possession of some of them in their divorce settlement).

So anyway, a big thing on my `to do` list ever since has been to re-create my collection checklist so that I could know which games I needed and which I had.  Back when I had 200-300 games this was no problem since I could easily remember which ones I had.  When you get up over the 700 mark though it becomes much harder, especially with the endless supply of sports and Mahjong games with almost the same name that never get played. `Pachi-pro 5?  I think I have Pachi-pro 3 and 4 but 5?` is the type of conversation I am always having with myself at game shops when I spot a game I might need.

Anyway, yesterday I finally had a couple hours to devote to tackling this.  Instead of using another paper checklist I decided to use RF Generation, which allows you to create a database of your own collection.  I recently joined the message boards over there and was given a friendly welcome by their resident Famicom collector, Duke Togo. It is a pretty good site for retro game collectors.   This is my official Famicom collection checklist..

If you have a collection I recommend using RF Generation, it is quite user friendly and easy to make your own database.  According to mine I have 727 different Famicom games.  There are a few that I couldn`t find on their database (this is a constant problem with English checklists, not everyone romanizes the names of Japanese games the same so some of them can be hard to match up on a checklist) so the actual size of my collection is a bit more than that, but its pretty close.  Looks like I have a little more than 300 carts to go to finish!


  1. I can't seem to find your account on that link... it brings me to a list of different users, and I don't know who you are on that list.

  2. Ah, yes I seem to have messed up the link. It should work now, my username there is senseiman!

  3. Yeah, it's working now. Man, this is really cool! 740 games... heh, you've certainly been busy with that collecting. ;P

  4. I keep telling myself to take inventory as well, but it always seems like a daunting task. Especially with so much stuff in "difficult" to access storage. However I've made the mistake of accidentally buying something again one too many times! lol

  5. I have the same problem, my collection is scattered throughout my apartment with about 70% of it in not-easy-to-access places. And I have bought extra copies of a few games by mistake too, which is so annoying!!!

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  7. Only 300 or so more to go? Wow, you've really made some progress since I first started following you, Sean. Great job!

    Never heard of RF Generation before now, BTW. May have to check it out shortly...

  8. Thanks Bryan! Yup, just 300 or so more to go:)

    Do check out RF Generation, its a pretty nice site for retro game collectors.