Saturday, April 7, 2012

Manhatten Police and Running Stadium: First Famicom Trade

A couple weeks ago I made my first ever online Famicom purchase.  Continuing that new trend (prompted in large part by the closure of my favorite local Famicom shop) a few days ago I received the above carts - Manhatten Police and Running Stadium - as part of a Famicom cart-for-Famicom cart trade with 80sFreak on Famicom World, who did a lovely job of packing them and shipping them to me quickly.

This is not just my first online trade but my first trade of any kind involving Famicom carts.  When I first started getting doubles in my collection about 3 years ago I always intended to use them for trading purposes, but at the time none of my friends or acquaintances were interested in the Famicom, so they just sat around until I learned to start selling them online.  Now they are finally being put to their intended purpose: helping me fill holes in my collection.

These two are both Family Trainer games, as was my recent online purchase.  I`ve decided that getting all of the Family Trainer games would be a nice intermediate collecting goal so I`ve been actively trying to get all of them (even though as I pointed out in my last post I can`t actually play them at the moment).  My main motivation for doing so is that the subset actually has some very interesting looking games, Manhatten Police in particular being one that has intrigued me for a while.  It also helps that they come in a wide variety of colors which makes the carts themselves look pretty cool.

If my count is correct there are ten games in the Family Trainer series and I think this gives me seven of them, so just three more to go!


  1. Its the poor cousin of Stadium Events. You need to send the dog for a walk, get the Family Trainer pad out of the closet and try these games.

  2. HI David,

    I am definitely going to kick this dog out for a day sometime and get down to some Family Training!

  3. on a completely un-Famicom-related note I really like that blue and white keyboard, is it part of a laptop?

  4. Yup, that is my laptop. I bought a blue keyboard cover to lay over it, the keyboard itself is white!

  5. Nice adds :) Can't say I've ever heard of the Family Trainer series but I'm sure there are many Famicom wonders I know nothing of :P