Sunday, June 8, 2014

Oddball finds: Famicom Label Error Carts

 Notice anything odd about the above cart?

I was just sorting through a pile of random Famicom carts and did a bit of a double-take when I saw this copy of Oukon Densetsu.  I have never seen this before, but somehow Bandai managed to put the label on upside down!  Only on front though, the back label is normal:

They must have had a sheet of labels get inserted into the labelling machine upside down or something.  It is kind of a neat find, albeit on a game I have never played.  Anybody else ever find something like this before?  I can imagine that the Nintendo, Jaleco and most other carts would have been vulnerable to the same type of problem, though with Konami carts it would be hard to do given the fact that the label extends over the top. 

Edited to add:

This cart has gotten a bit of attention over on Famicom no Netta.  I did a little further research to try to figure out exactly where I had gotten this cart (I had kind of forgotten, it was just one in a large lot that I had purchased at some point) and was able to trace it back to this lot that I picked up on Yahoo Auctions last month:

The seller didn`t mention the error cart and I didn`t even notice it in there (I mainly was after that copy of Samurai Pizza Cats)!


  1. Huh! Never seen that before myself, although it doesn't surprise me that it happens from time to time. BTW, how's the game? And is it an RPG or...?

  2. Actually I haven`t played it yet so I`m not sure if its any good!

    You are probably right that it must happen from time to time. I wonder if any NES games are out there with upside down labels!

  3. NES games extend over the top too, so they'd be hard to find with upside-down labels. Though, I haven't seen /anything/ like this for /any/ cart for that matter, amazing find! Do you think it'd be worth more than normal?

  4. Yeah, I figured it would be harder to do on an NES cart!

    Not sure if this adds anything to the value (its a pretty cheap cart to begin with)!

  5. Hello. I am Oroti from "Famicom No Neta".
    It is very rare!!
    Where was this found?
    Can I introduce this post and photo by my blog?

    1. This is the Auction where I bought it:

  6. Hi Oroti!

    Yes, please do introduce the photo on your blog, I would be happy!

    I bought a group of 50 games on Yahoo Auctions a few months ago and this was in it!

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