Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sqooner or Later you Should give Sqoon a Try

Apologies for this post's title. It is very hard to think of plays on the word "Sqoon". "Spoon" would be the obvious choice, but I couldn't come up with anything witty for that either.
I like Sqoon. It is a really good game.

That is all.
No, wait. I should probably say more.

The thing that first attracted me to this game was the cart, which looks pretty cool like all the Irem carts from that era. The game itself is quite good too. You just steer your little submarine around and shoot strange fish and try to rescue these little humans before they get eaten by killer whales.

I don't think there are any other submarine games for the Famicom that I am particularly fond of. The only other game in the genre that I have tried is "Deep Blue" on the PC Engine, which is massively difficult and nowhere near as fun.

Hardcore Gaming 101 has a pretty good article about Sqoon. The writer notes its place in colorful submarine history - in between the Beatles' Yellow one and Steve Zissou's one, which is also yellow. I like Steve Zissou's one myself. I think Sqoon is the type of adventure Zissou would have embarked upon at some point. It makes me want to wear one of those cool track suit uniforms for team Zissou when I play this game. Just to, you know, represent.

Sqoon is a bit tricky as a game, I have a tendency to run out of energy too quickly, but at least I feel like I have a shot at going somewhere in the game each time I play.

Anyway, like I said, I like Sqoon.


  1. Any game with a pink submarine gets a thumbs up from me. That said, I've barely played this one thus far. I'm guessing I should be able to pick it up on the cheap, though, right?

  2. Pink submarine sounds like phallic slang.

    IREM was pretty consistently good in the early NES days, so no surprise that this continues that trend.

    By the way, I'm a fan of puns of all kinds so I love the title. You could've said a pad "spoon" pun like "A Sqoon-ful of Fun".

  3. I'm with you on pink submarine games, Bryan! I do recommend it, Sqoon isn't a particularly expensive one!

    Mark - of course! "Sqoonful of fun", I can't believe I missed that one.

    And pink submarine does sound a bit phalic. The pink torpedoes it fires somehow furthers that image....oh best not to go there.

  4. The Life Aquatic is awesome (>_<)

    I like the sound of this game too, although I must confess I've never heard of it!

  5. Yeah, I love that movie too! I give this game a thumbs up, so if you like horizontal shmups and can get it I say go for it!

  6. OK, sorry to drag this post into the mud, but I'm going to use "pink submarine" in place of "penis" from now on...

    Back to the game at hand, though, I'll definitely give it a try soon. I love strange, unique little games like this one seems to be :)

  7. Yes, but be careful as if you get into a conversation with someone who thinks you are actually talking about a submarine that happens to be pink....well, the likelihood of a humorous misunderstanding arising are all too plain to see!

    Do give Sqoon a try, its a nice little game. Its not too hard to find copies of either (though boxed ones are a bit tricky to track down).