Friday, December 3, 2010

Famicom Storage Mark II: The Kitchen TV

I was so happy with how my new Famicom shelving in my living room worked out that I decided to give the spare Famicom hooked up to our humble little kitchen TV the same treatment.
These are slightly different dish racks than the ones I got for the living room (which were sold out, I got these at a different 100 yen shop). Actually I like these ones better anyway. They hold 8 carts each (the ones in the living room hold only 7) and the pegs are slightly closer together so I didn't need to glue "rails" onto the sides to keep the carts on.
Also these ones are a bit better quality, if you look at the living room photo you'll notice the row on the right is slightly crooked because the pegs aren't even (and one of them was missing a peg to boot). I might just re-do the living room with these.

Well, I will if the 100 yen shop gets more of them in, I bought all the ones they had on the shelf. The cashier must have wondered just how many dishes a guy can dry at once to need so many.


  1. Heh nice stuff. I really dig your way of storing Famicom carts! keep it up!

  2. Yes, very nice! The colorful carts are perfect for this kind of display :)

  3. Thanks, Famicom Freak and Bryan! I'm rather pleased with how they look!

  4. i should try this with my NES games!