Sunday, January 25, 2015

Famicom Price Information Part 2

Last week I presented a list of sale prices from a massive auction that is taking place on Yahoo Auctions of CIB Famicom games.  The seller is putting up over 1000 CIB Famicom games (which would be almost all of them, possibly all) at a rate of 300 per week.  In the first sale, 88 of the games fetched prices over 5000 yen and I listed alll of those.  The highlights were Recca Summer Carnival and Battle Formula, which both sold for a little over 100,000 yen each.

Yesterday round 2 of the auction finished and here I present the same thing - a list of the prices of all the games that went for over 5000 yen.

This week the results weren't as spectacular as last, in part because there were fewer big ticket items in this one. Only 57 games went for over 5000 yen, and most of those went for under 10000 yen.  Not a single game went for over 50,000 yen in this week's group, but there were a few interesting highlights.

First off, the number one game was probably one you have never heard of - Karaoke Studio Top Hit 20 Vol. 2 - which went for 46,000 yen.  That is a game made for the Karaoke Studio microphone accessory and is extremely hard to find CIB (or loose for that matter).  One interesting aspect of that game landing at number 1 is that it is a game that is probably of no interest to people outside of Japan.  One question people have been asking is the degree to which Famicom game prices are driven mainly by foreigners buying stuff up.  A karaoke game like that, which is more or less unknown outside of Japan and of little interest (its all in Japanese) almost undoubtedly went to a Japanese collector, so the domestic market seems to be driving the prices too.

Number 2 on the list was the much more familiar Battletoads, which went for 30,000 yen (A few years ago I sold a CIB copy of that game for just $35, albeit with a rougher box.  I could kill my previous self for that act of stupidity).

There were a few games whose prices went for higher than I would have thought.  Prisoner of War is a bit hard to find, but it surprised me to find it in the top 10 selling for more than Over Horizon.

A few games actually sold for prices which might be considered quite cheap.  Barely making hte 5000 yen cut this week was Uchu Keibitai SDF at exactly 5,000 yen.  That is a pretty popular and, while not rare, it isn't particularly easy to find.  It must have slipped under the radar. 2010 Street Fighter and Abadox also went for lower than I thought they would.

Its also evident that new stuff was selling for a premium as most of the new games sold for prices higher, relative to the popularity/rarity of the game, than I would have thought.

The seller hasn't started round 3 yet but when he does, I'll post the results here.

Karaoke Studio Top Hit 20 Vol 2 46000
Battletoads 30000
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 29000
Solbrain 27500
Metal Storm 23200
Prisoner of War 22600
Over Horizon 21000
Goal! 20500
Eight Eyes 18300 New
Metal Fighter My 16500
Reigendoushi 16000
Yancha Maru 3 15550 New
Robocco Wars 14500 New
Samurai Pizza Cats 14500
Crisis Force 14500
Ninja Crusaders 12600
Kyouryuu Sentai Juu Ranger 12500
Guardic Gaiden 12100
Terminator 2 11700 New
Yancha Maru  11500 (with stickers)
Millipede 11100
Donkey Kong (Silver box) 10001
Saiyuki World 9851
Holy Diver 9850
Gun Nac 9850
RAF 9750
Akumajou Densetsu 9750
Wanpaku Kokun no Gourmet World 9038
Dragon Fighter 8750
Cosmo Police Caravan 8590
Duck Tales 2 8250
Layla 8020
Donkey Kong Jr (Silver box) 8000
Juju Densetsu 7800
Eggerland 7780
Magic Candle 7350 New
StarGate 7250
Duck Tales  7100
Gundam Wars (Datach) 7000 New
Western Kids 6950
Double Dragon 2 6851
Door Door 6750
Abadox 6500
Kamen no Ninja 6250 New
Yancha Maru 2 6080 New
Akumajo Special Boku Dracula Kun 6050
Chigoku Kyokuraku Maru 5800
Ice Climber  5750
2010 Street Fighter 5730
Sweet Home 5500
Tiny Toon Adventures 2 5251
Flying Hero 5250
Ultraman Club Kaijuu Daikessen 5250
Saizou 5220
Zombie Hunter 5100
Uchuu Keibitai SDF 5000
Ultraman Club (Datach) 5000 New


  1. Yeah, the prices on these games is just getting worse. It used to be certain games could be found for good prices complete, Contra, Raf World, I bought for under 20 dollars boxed years ago now they are getting inflated by greedy ebay resellers and retro kids who never knew this shit existed before youtube. It makes me sick.that these people never gave a shit about these old games back then, and suddenly they want to jump on the bandwagon and act like it's some cool trendy thing to collect.