Saturday, February 22, 2014

Choujin Ultra Yakyuu Baseball Limited Edition and the Elusive Phone Cards

 I bought this limited edition version of Choujin Ultra Baseball off of Yahoo Auction the other day, mostly out of curiousity. 

I wouldn`t normally bother buying a baseball game, but this one is of mild interest from a Famicom collector`s point of view.  Note the little red circle there which says `Tereka tsuki Gentai Hin` - Limited Edition, comes with telephone card.
 This was a special release of the game that came packed with a phone card.  Collecting phone cards is a kind of popular hobby in Japan since over the years lots of them have been issued with various artwork on them.  I don`t collect them but I see them for sale from time to time.  I am guessing they must be on the wane with everyone having cell phones today, but in the 90s they were pretty commonplace.
Anyway, my copy of Choujin Ultra was almost CIB but not quite - the Telephone card had been removed.  I did a bit of looking around and found quite a few of these almost CIB copies of it on Yahoo Auction, all of them with the phone card removed.

It seems the phone cards, which have the game`s cover art on them, are a prized collectible among both Famicom and phone card collectors, so over the years pretty much every CIB copy of this game (there seems to have been a few cases of them that survived as dead stock) has had the phone card removed.  An almost CIB copy of this game goes for about 2-3$, but the phone cards go for more like 15-20$ each, so it is by far the most valuable part of the game. 

I can`t really get too excited about owning a phone card, so I haven`t bothered picking one up.  But if you are a purist, I suppose you would need one in order to truly have a CIB copy of this game.

Anyway, that is just another random, extremely minor piece of Famicom collecting trivia that I stumbled across recently and just thought I would put it out there!


  1. Woah! This is better than every videogame "limited" edition nowadays. (which are just Battlefield Premium, or season passes or some other stuff like that)

  2. Good find, shame they've all gotten the cards removed. Glad to see you still picking up Famicom stuff from time to time.

  3. anon - Yeah, it is kind of cool. I am not sure if any other Famicom games came with them, but I`m kind of curious.

    Logan - thanks, I still keep an eye out for stuff. I`ve actually made a few recent aqcuisitions that I`ve been meaning to write about here :)

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  5. This game was my absolute favorite to play (as Baseball Simulator 1.000 for the NES), this post hits me right in the feels as the kids say.

  6. :) Glad to know! It is a pretty good game!

  7. Do you think Famicom started the addition of phone cards in videogames?

    I recall the King of Fighters phone cards that were packaged with Neo Geo AES carts. These have got to be beyond the purists taste, something more to chase down just when you thought all of your games were complete!

    Keep the great posts coming, Sean. :)

  8. Thanks rgallant! This might have been the first phone card pack in, I didn`t know about the Neo Geo ones!