Sunday, November 3, 2013

Famicom Cart Storage the Saga Continues....

In the five years or so since I started collecting Famicom games I have been through a wide range of storage and display options for them.  For the first couple of years I mainly just shoved them in boxes or stacked them on shelves like this:

Then about 3 years ago I tried my hand at DIY Famicom cart shelf making with some dish drying racks I bought at the 100 yen shop.

Thos actually worked really well, they looked OK and it allowed for easy finding of games I wanted to play without having to knock over stacks of carts:

Sadly when I left Fukuoka last year, I had to get rid of these for space reasons.  I say it was sad because these really were a good solution to the problem, I used those shelves for a couple of years and they worked great.

A few months ago I had a try at making some new shelves with postcard holders, also from the 100 yen shop.

Those looked good, but unfortunately they could only hold 4 carts each, which is way too few for this to be an effective solution.

The other day I was at Seria, another 100 yen shop (there are several chains of 100 yen shops) and I came across these:

They are basically just generic little shelves.  I bought ten of them and tossed them up on the wall to see how they would work:

They aren`t too bad. They hold more carts than the postcard holders (and even the dishracks) did, which is good.  They don`t look too bad, which is also good.  The only downside is that they aren`t ideal for quick game identification like the dish racks, which had a little space between each game so you could see the front label. Still though, because they aren`t in stacks it is pretty easy to flip through them.  So this is my new Famicom rack in the living room.  I might get a few more and turn this into a floor-to-ceiling sort of thing.


  1. Nice solution! Do you think your wife will mind that floor to ceiling idea, though? Or is she indifferent overall? It looks great, regardless. As for identifying games, though, have you considered making your own labels?

  2. I think she will let me geta way with it :)

    I`ve thought about labels, but I like the look of the carts as they are better!

  3. I always think about custom labels and change my mind, part of famico-llecting is the endless struggle to find the game you wanna play.

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  5. Johnny - bingo! The struggle makes the victory (of finding the cart you are looking for) all the sweeter!

  6. Randy - Too late, I already posted my next post. If it is a Famicom or retro-game related website I might consider adding a link somewhere if I like what I see. If you are looking to advertise some weight loss crap or something then the answer is a firm `no`.