Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Cool World of Chirashi (Famicom and Movie Mini Posters)

One of the types of Famicom ephemera which I enjoy collecting the most are chirashi (mini posters/ flyers) that were handed out back in the day to advertise upcoming game releases. 

I like them mainly because they look cool and are the sort of thing that look good when framed and hanging on your wall.  Like my Gyrodine and Sky Destroyer ones, which have awesome artwork on them:

 I picked up a small lot of them off of Yahoo Auctions the other day that just arrived in the mail.  I`m pretty happy with them.  Most of them were actually Famicom Disk System games, like Metroid here which is probably my favorite of the lot:

And Super Mario Bros 2:

 Zelda no Densetsu:

 And a few others.

The only thing that I dislike about collecting Famicom chirashi is the price - they are pretty hard to find so the prices likewise tend to be on the high side and bargains are few and far between.  Still though its kind of worth it for the cool artwork.  They also have cool stuff on the back, like this one which explains how you can re-write games on disks:

 Collecting chirashi is actually one of my main non-Famicom collecting pursuits too.  In addition to advertising video games they are also used for a lot of other things, including movies.  Japanese movie chirashi are actually in some ways even cooler than  the Famicom chirashi.  Japanese movies almost always have unique paintings commissioned for them which are reproduced on the chirashi.  The artwork, which often combines familiar scenes with bold looking kanji, make them look pretty awesome.  Like this poster from You Only Live Twice, with the 007 in big type, with the title in kanji below.  Totally epic:

 Same with this old school Battle Star Galactica from the 70s:

 Mega Force!!!  If you haven`t seen this film, you don`t understand early 80s culture at all:
 Ditto with Mr. T in DC Cab.  Having him yell at you in Japanese is pretty priceless:
  I keep some of my favorite movie ones on the wall in the same room with the Famicom chrashi.  They are actually a bit smaller than the Famicom ones (B5 vs A4 size).  Bonus points to anyone who can identify the 5 films in this photo:
 The other cool thing about movie chirashi is that they are generally a lot cheaper than Famicom chirashi. I`m not sure why that is, but I guess there are more of them out there than the Famicom ones.  I think people have been collecting movie chirashi since the late 60s/early 70s so there are a lot of them that have been preserved, which probably helps to keep the prices reasonable.


  1. I'm a big fan of these awesome Japanese flyers myself, although I only have a small handful and would certainly not claim to be collecting them. I'd definitely love to be able to get my hands on some of those classic flyers (or anything really, heh) with gorgeous 80s/90s artwork! In fact I've been planning for years to get a bunch of scans I have of some of my favourite game covers cleaned up, edited and such so I could make high quality prints and hang on my walls. One of these days...

    On a related note, I too really love that Metroid flyer - and I created something you just might get a kick out of :)

  2. Wow, you did that all by hand? That looks awesome! Nice!

    Looks like you don`t need the originals, you can just make your own :)

  3. Oh. My. Goodness. That Megaforce poster. I need it SO BAD.

  4. Yeah, Mega Force is Mega AWESOME! :)

  5. Do they still make chirashi? The interest is always in older ones, after all.. I had never seen them before but I was surprised to discover them when I was in Japan (10+ years ago) and happily collected them for any games that interested me at the time. It's so cool that they've been making them for so long!

    Also, much much love for DC Cab! :D

  6. Yes, they do still make chirashi. Actually I don`t know if they make them for current gen video games (since I only buy old ones), but they probably do. With movies its still standard to see them at theatres being given out for free.

  7. Man, I used to have a bunch of those posted on my basement walls - Chrono Trigger, TMNT for NES, and the like. I wish I had kept more of them.

  8. They are a pretty cool thing to have on a wall!

  9. King Kong, Big Trouble in Little China, Blade Runner, You Only Live Twice and Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back. Not 100% sure about the last one.

  10. Nice! 100% correct, even with the last one!

  11. How exactly did you frame them? Are the two horizontal ones A4, hence they fit the frame? The B5 ones, you don't seem to have used a mat. Have you stuck them down onto the back board? Thanks.