Saturday, June 9, 2012

Exed Exes on Waikiki Beach

I was in Hawaii for a few days earlier this week. Unfortunately it was not a pleasure trip, but rather for business so I didn`t have much time to myself. I did manage to sneak in a few hours on Waikiki beach though.

Before leaving Japan I thought it would be nice to bring one of my Famicom carts along for the trip. I wandered over to my Famicom cart shelf and for some reason Exed Exes just looked like the right cart to bring. Must be the yellow - reminds me of pineapples.

Anyway, if any of you were wondering what a used Famicom cart would look like on Waikiki Beach, you now have your answer!

Also, just as a matter of blog-related news, I should be getting back into regular posting in a couple of weeks. The end of my insanely busy time is coming into view...


  1. BR here.
    Welcome back!
    That game is kind of... terrible.
    I wouldn't mind if you forgot it there.

    You should make a post on NES games that are so bad it's good someday.

  2. Thanks!

    I agree a bit about Exed Exes. I wouldn`t put it on any of my `worst of` lists but it certainly isn`t a favorite either. It is one of those games that I want to like but can`t because it just isn`t challenging enough.

    I like the whole `so bad its good` idea....

  3. Yay, more posts in the near future! I think I speak for everyone when I say I'm REALLY looking forward to that! Glad to hear you're almost done with that mountain of work, too. That's must've been a pain...

  4. Glad to hear you are almost back! I want to see more Famicom related posts pretty please!!!

  5. Welcome back!

    Exed Eyes in Hawaii hey? Definitely not the first post I was expecting on your return. :D

  6. Thanks Skyrunner, Famicom Freak and Holly! I hope to get back to my regular 3-4 posts per week real soon!

  7. It's just that top-down shooters evolved so much in recent years it's hard to look back and still feel excited.
    I heard Space Invaders was the very first arcade game, right? Correct me if I'm wrong.

    1. Wrong space invaders wasn't even close to be the first arcade game. For more information I hope the Blog will be fully back soon i enjoy it and bought a famicom because of it.

  8. Good to see you posting again.

    Just a heads up though, all the Exes* I've known would get cranky when they had sand in their slot, better clean that before it goes back into the collection! ;)

    *Sorry, couldn't resist a terrible joke opportunity...

  9. Welcome back, Sean! Hawaii, eh? Hope you were able to have a little fun while you were there, or at least got to enjoy a bit of sun.

    As for bringing Exed Exes (huh, I always thought it was Exed EYES) with you: I hope sticking it in the sand like that didn't ruin it! Or don't you case because you have like 12 copies of it?

  10. rgallant - thanks! And as the Japanese would say to such a joke `samui`! ;)

    Bryan - thanks! I got a few hours on the beach in, which was nice (but nowhere near enough)! I do have a few copies of that one so I`m not too worried, even if it gets ruined the 100-300 yen I would have to pay for a replacement is worth it for the photo:)

  11. Welcome back, good to see the new post!

    By the way, did you get the chance to hit any gaming shops at all? I haven't been to Hawaii, but I would imagine with a population and the density of people, there might be some Famicom stuffs floating around.

  12. Thanks Kevin. I stopped briefly at a Game Stop, it was the first time I had ever been into one of those. Spent about 10 seconds in what was my first and last time visiting a Game Stop. Unfortunately I didn`t have any time to visit or find any other places in Honolulu, though I`m sure there must be some.

  13. exed exes... terrible game if I remember, choppy framerate, and your default shots don't go all the way