Thursday, February 16, 2012

Listening to Wall of Voodoo and Writing About the Sega Mark III

I was just sitting here listening to Wall of Voodoo`s Mexican Radio and it moved me to devote a few minutes to the old blog. Something about that song, its very conducive to writing about early 80s video games. That line about wishing one was in Tijuana eating barbequed iguana, that is exactly how I feel when....well, just about all the time actually.
So anyway, guess what I got! Without looking at any of the pictures or reading the title of this post. Go ahead, just guess! Yes, a Sega Mark III!
I`ve wanted one of these for a while. I already have the adaptor that lets you play Mark III games on the Mega Drive but I felt that was cheating. If you are going to play old school video games then there is really no excuse for not doing it in style with the original console.

Well, not having the console is, I suppose, a decent excuse. At any rate, I no longer have to worry about that sort of thing.

It came in a lovely box:
With everything in there (even the manual, which I didn`t get in this shot):
The Mark III is very similar in style and shape to the SG-1000 II, though they aren`t compatible with each other. I do however like the way they look stacked one on top of the other:
A chance encounter at an out of town conference that led to an evening of wining, dining, karaoke and ultimately an ill advised night in a hotel room that they would both regret on waking the next morning:
Innocence lost, they lay casually on the futon pondering an exit strategy. For their love was never meant to be.

`If only we were compatible....` He says, a puff of cigarette smoke emanating from his cartridge slot.

`We just weren`t made for each other.` She says in a voice of resignation, turning away on her side.

OK, enough of that. These posts are getting too avant garde for a video game blog. Lets just end by saying that I do like this new console of mine.


  1. I love the fact that the Mark II and II look like they were taken out of an old spaceship^^
    Any decent games you already have? I highly recommend Ys and Aleste.
    Well, if you stumble now over a loose 3D-adaptor, get it. Your FC glasses should work with that

  2. How much do these typically go for in Japan? I'd always wanted one, but they're too pricey to get overseas. I have one of those converters, but using it on my US Genesis is a pain, and I'm curious about all of the earlier Sega games that aren't compatible with it.

    It's a weird system though - the library in Europe dwarfs its Japanese output since it died much sooner there.

  3. DerZocker - good eye, they do look like they came out of an old spaceship. Maybe part of the dashboard of the Millenium Falcon or something:) I only have one game for this so far, its a baseball game. I`ll look out for those though!

    Discoalucard - Manuel over on Famicom World says his local shop has one for 11,800 yen (about 140$). On Yahoo Auctions I`ve seen them going for more (for mint CIB ones). This one I paid an obscenely low price for that is in no way indicative of the market price (300 Yen, about 4$. Possibly the best deal I`ve ever gotten).

    I agree about the converters being a pain. This thing did indeed die out earlier than the European version, which not only makes the library smaller but also makes individual games very difficult to track down in stores (and expensive online).

  4. Sean: Oh, how I love your sense of humor :) Also, I'm completely jealous that you managed to pick up a CIB version of the Mark III for just $4. $4?!?!? I'm sure it would cost many, many times that over here. Gah!

    You only have one -- or, at most, a few games for this system at the moment, right? Are there any that you have your eye on at the moment?

  5. Thanks, Bryan! Yup, 4$. Good deal, eh? The only CIB one I found on Ebay was going for 400$, albeit with three games included.

    I only have one game, baseball, for it now. I`ll probably pick up any that I can find for a reasonable price that look good now, though unfortunately they are much higher to come by than games for the Famicom so it might take me a while!

  6. nice Sean! i almost say that always whenever i post a comment here in your blog! I really like the boxes when they have that dirty white semi yellowish look and the graphics intact. really gives you that retro feeling. I like it more than those brand new looking boxes!

  7. Thanks, Dark Rift. I agree, it is quite nice to see the semi-yellow fading with some scuffs, etc but the graphics on the package still plainly visible. Looks like somebody actually used it that way. Maybe kept the box next to the TV for years or something. Retro feelings are aplenty:)

  8. Love the boxed Mark III! It's a system I would love to own simply because it looks so unusual :D

    It's funny you mention "Mexican Radio" - that track joined some other choice 80s cuts for the Activision Antholoy on the PS2, which was actually the first game I bought for the system when my then-girlfriend (now wife) bought herself a PS2 back in 2003.

    ... because that's a really good use of a new console - use it to play atari 2600 games :P

  9. It does look unusual, doesn`t it?

    Interesting about that song being on the Activision Anthology, I didn`t know that! And what a perfect way to use the PS2, for Atari 2600 games!

  10. Hi Sean! Sorry, I'm not sure how I managed to get so far behind in reading your mighty fine blog! I'm been really busy but it's no excuse :P

    I'm glad to see you've got a Mk III now. The harder part will probably be finding games for it! Did you buy that copy of Aleste you posted a picture of a while back? That would be a great place to start :)

  11. THanks Simon! You are correct about the harder part being the games, so far the only one I have is baseball (I missed out on that copy of Aleste). Hunting these things down is half the fun though so I don`t mind:)