Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Famicom 3D System - Bought it. Tried it. Liked it.

The Famicom 3D System. Bought it. 2500 yen. Bargain.

If you don`t know what the Famicom 3D System is you should check out the great write up about it over on Famicom World. Basically its a set of glasses that allow you to enjoy the Famicom completely in 3D!!!! If.... you have one of the grand total of seven games that were ever made for it. For the 1200 or so others (including FDS ones), it is useless.

Fortunately I do have one of the games that it was made for, stored prominently on my favorite Famicom game shelf:
Highway Star!

I got the thing CIB, which was nice. Its a cute little box:
I love opening stuff like this up:
The glasses were in pristine condition, still with their protective film stuck on:
On they go:
I gave them a try. Surprisingly they work quite well on Highway Star. It actually produces a very convincing 3D effect. Its a shame they weren`t a popular item back in the day, it would have been quite cool to play other games in 3D like that. I have Cosmic Epsilon, which is also for use with these. I`ll have to dig that one out and give it a try sometime.

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  1. On the nes, the only best 3D i can get was stereoscopic on Rad Racer ._.

  2. Highway Star IS Rad Racer. Just a different name in Japan.

  3. That's a pretty cool find! I have the Master System 3D glasses and i was surprised how good that looked. BTW I heard they would use the same connection as the SMS glasses for connecting(standard audiojack) is that true?
    Makes me wish Nintendo and Sega would release their old 3D games for 3DS

  4. Wearing those, you're on your way to becoming an Electronic Music Superstar!

    I agree with DerZocker, if they released 3D WorldRunner on the 3DS that'd be awesome. I'd have to run out and buy a 3DS in that case.

  5. Oh, consider me jealous yet again, Sean! Can't believe you picked this up -- and CIB, no less -- for such a paltry amount of money. Now, go out and pick up a few more games that are compatible with it and let us know what you think of them :P

  6. Pix3l - Yeah, they never released these on the NES. They do cause headaches if you use them for more than 15 minutes as I discovered last night, which might be why. As the other comment notes, that is because Rad Racer is Highway star!

    DerZocker - Interesting, I`ve never tried teh SMS glasses. These have an audio jack, but it has to be plugged into an adaptor to fit it into the Famicom*s expansion port.

    Nate - yes, I may have a future in the clubs with these. That would be cool too.

    Bryan - Ha, I knew you`d say that;) I`m going to try to track down the rest, I am quite curious now!

  7. my exponential degree of jealousy multiplies again. Nice purchase Sean! That 3d system definitely is a must have hard to find type of stuff for Famicom =D I have that game also but no 3d glasses HA HA HA could have been better the other way around

  8. Two FDS games you should look for are 3D Hot Rally and Konami's shooter Falsion (

  9. Thanks Erik, I will check those ones out!!

  10. Famicom and SMS glasses are completely interchangeable - they both work exactly the same. Of course you will need their respective adapters, but the glasses can be used on either system. You can also use old PC 3D glasses, like ones from Asus that are still available to this day, brand new, for $10.

  11. Interesting, thanks for clarifying that!

  12. Sweet! I had the Master System 3D glasses and only ever had one game for them - OutRun 3D - but enjoyed them all the same. I guess you'll be hunting out some of the other 3D games now? :)

  13. THanks Simon. Yes I will be looking for some of the others. I actually have one of them, Cosmic Epsilon, but it is buried in one of my many boxes of games somewhere and will probably take me several months to find! WHen I do though I will give it a go:)