Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My setups and stuff

Been busy the past month so I haven't been posting much, but I thought I'd put some pics of my hardware set ups.

Basically I have two famicoms: the old-school one and an AV famicom. I keep the old-school one in the kitchen hooked up to our spare TV:
The yellow box originally contained some sweets but it turned out to be the perfect size and shape for holding famicom games.

Upstairs is the AV Famicom:
I prefer the look of the old school, but the reception with the AV famicom is a million times better so I use this one more.

I've got it hooked up to our main TV along with a Super Famicom, Nintendo 64 and PlayStation 2:
The Famicom gets played about as much as the other 3 put together.

In other news I added a few games to the collection this week. Its up to 420 total now:
Balloon Fight and Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari are pretty damned good games. The Ramen-man one on(lower left corner) on the other hand doesn't look to promising after firing it up yesterday. I picked these up at Hard-Off in the junk bin.

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