Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mandarake Finds: Kousenjuu SP Gun and Old Japanese Star Wars Stuff

I had a nice stop in at Mandarake this afternoon, replete with purchases. Nothing makes for a nicer day than finding a few bargains. The best part was the Kousenjuu SP Light Gun, complete in its original box!
This is a light gun made by Nintendo in 1970 as the package shows:
About a year ago I found a Kousenjuu SP Electro Safari , which is basically a big target for these light guns:
You just aim the gun at the little light detector on the leopard and if you hit it, the leopard spins around. I never had a gun to test it out with though so I was psyched to find this.

Actually, I still don`t have one. This one doesn`t work, which is kind of too bad. On the other hand though I got it quite cheap and really just wanted it to look at rather than to use so I think it was a cool purchase.

Open the box up and here you go:
It even came with some pretty ancient looking Toshiba batteries.

Anyway, I love the box art:
And check out the pearl handles, John Wayne style:
It is actually quite similar to the original Famicom Light Gun:Not quite the same though, they definetely used different molds for them.

I picked up a couple of other cool, albeit non-gaming related, things while there. First, this thing, which is awesome:
A partial set of Japanese 1977 Yamakatsu / Topps Star Wars cards. I LOVE original old school Star Wars stuff like this, and I especially love finding Japanese old school Star Wars stuff. This is a little booklet and inside are a bunch of envelopes, each containing one card. A couple have been removed but most are still in there. You can`t see what cards are in the envelopes so I`m not sure which ones I got. These things are insanely rare to find still unopened like this so I`m going to keep it as is for the time being.
I also picked up a copy of the Japanese version of Starlog from 1983. The Return of the Jedi preview issue, complete with a back cover poster ad for the upcoming release:
All in all a great day. Check out Erik`s post here on Before Mario for a bit more info on this old Nintendo light gun. His is in a bit better condition than mine and probably works too!

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  1. Awesome find in that condition!

  2. Nice find! I love how terrifyingly real toy guns used to be. I have been looking for a Famicom light guns for YEARS, but the ones that show up on Ebay are too rich for my blood.

  3. BRIK - Thanks!

    Nathan - thanks, yeah it was a cool find. I spent the longest time looking for the Famicom light gun too, I finally found one for a decent price (3,000 yen) a few months ago. It is so sweet!

  4. Took me a long time to notice this, but...

    "July 2th"
    I find that amusing.

  5. LMAO, it took me a minute to pinpoint where in this post it said July 2th! I hand`t noticed that, yet another reason for me to love that issue of Starlog! Thanks!

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  7. Sweet, some nice find indeed! I bet it's cool finding original Star Wars promo stuff too, you remember how excited you were before the sequels came out! :P

  8. THanks, Simon. It is very cool to find old Star Wars stuff, that is one of my side-hobbies. I remember spending 4 years of excited anticipation between when I first heard that the prequels were going to be made and when Episode 1 came out. I didn`t actually camp out overnight or anything, I think I saw it in theatres a couple weeks after it was released. Such a disappointment.....

  9. Yeah, for me too :( Did you like any of the prequels?

  10. I did not like any of them. Well, I have a somewhat soft spot in my heart for Episode II. Not because it was a good film, it wasn`t,but just because of the coincidence that 2002 was a nice year for me and that film`s release is sort of jumbled up with a lot of other good memories of fun times. 1999 and 2005, in contrast, were not particularly good years for me so Episode 1 and III, in addition to sucking as films, also have that going against them in my head.