Thursday, July 26, 2018

Cleaning Poo the Famicom Way

 As the father of a baby I often find myself looking for stuff to clean up baby mess when I go shopping.  As a Famicom fan I often find myself looking for Famicom stuff when I go shopping.  Never before have these two activities overlapped.  Until today. 

Let me introduce the new Famicom product that is going to change your lives forever: 99.9% pure water Wet Sheets!  With a Famicom style package!  And Super Mario Bros. cart on the side

I have no idea why these things exist but they do, right in the baby section where they have all the wipes that are mainly for cleaning poo, an activity not generally associated with the Famicom in any way that I know.

I did not buy these because once you've settled on a wipe for cleaning poo, its very hard to change that.  Also these cost more than the ones we use.  And other than having a Famicom on the packaging which will just become garbage once you open it, they seem to be nothing more than generic wipes.

So I just thought I'd pass that find along to the internet for information purposes, these things need to be archived somewhere!


  1. They're stil shrink-wrapped!!! They're still Shrink-wrapped !!!

    If it wa officially licenced by Nintendo (witch is maybe the case) you could export them for Nintendo collector !
    Thank you Sean, you are right, this HAS to be archived :)

  2. Definitely this was officially licensed merch!

  3. Whoa, you're alive! I mean, welcome back! I hadn't realized you'd starting posting again! It's great to see you're back at it!

    And I'd totally buy a pack of these.

  4. Thanks, its nice to be back!!! And nice to hear from you again too!

  5. After watching Star Wars run wild like a virus through any and all brands and products over the years I'm not 100% shocked by this, but it still is a very weird tie-in, haha.

    1. LOL, yes I would not be surprised to find Star Wars baby wet wipes either!