Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Famicom Robot: A Day in the Life of

His name is Phillip, but you can call him Phil. Everyone does. He is a robot. A Famicom Robot.

His day begins on the floor amid a pile of empty girly drink cans. Evidence of his frustration at the world that has denied his genius at every turn. The gentle nudging of Doogle brings him to consciousness.
He has his daily 9 o`clock ping pong session with Richard Branson. He loses every game. He is too short to see the table top.
The afternoon sees him having high tea with Mr. Floppers, his best friend in the world. Today they talk about their shared sense of relief that Sarah Palin will not be running for president.
Five o`clock and the Muscle Men drop by for a visit:
Ten o`clock and it is once again time for bed. He bids Doogle a good night and retires for the day.
The end.

Oh yes, everybody, look! I got the Famicom robot! 50% off sale! GET!

He came complete with his box:
And instruction manual:
This guy was a steal, usually they sell for about 100$ complete like this but I got him for only about 10 bucks. I think that was mainly because when I pulled him out of the box he was covered in orange spots like this:
A bit of scrubbing with a wet wipe got rid of all that though and he looks just like new. The only thing missing as far as I can tell is the battery cover. I`m not sure if he actually works as I don`t have enough batteries on hand and, frankly, don`t really care. I just bought him to look at.

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  1. WOW you sure are lucky! It's my dream to have it in my collection... You sure got it for cheap and you also got it boxed - that's awesome! By the way - tea with Mr. Floppers? PRICELESS!

  2. LOL, yeah I am lucky! I`ve been looking for one for a long time that I could afford, the only other one I`ve found was 10,000 yen (abut 125$), so I was really happy to find this one.

    And Mr. Floppers is indeed priceless! He is actually my dog`s favorite toy!

  3. Looks like someone shook up a Fanta can and let it rip next to him. Poor old Phil, good thing you cleaned him up.

  4. What an awesome way to introduce your most recent -- and most amazing? -- acquisition! The opening salvo killed me, by the way :)

    Can't wait to hear if the thing actually works. If not, though, no biggie -- like you said, it could easily serve as a cool accessory.

  5. Brendan - yeah, it may have been Fanta! I was a little disappointed when I opened the box and saw him like that, but so happy when it came off!

    Bryan - Thanks! I thought you would like Phil, I remember you doing a post about the Famicom Robot a couple months ago. I`ll post an update if I figure out how to make him work!

  6. Yes, Sean, I've always wanted one -- even if to just sit it in the corner and stare at it :)

  7. Sweet, you finally got a ROB! I think we talked about him recently, I'm glad you got one for such a blinding price. Nice post too, most amusing :)

  8. Nice score Sean!! I've been looking to get a R.O.B. for a while. I don't care if I get it complete or if it even works! I just love the styling, and think it would make a fantastic display piece either way. Again...nice!! :)

  9. skyrunner14 here:
    Did you ever get a chance to find it some batteries and try it out? That'd probably make another interesting post.

  10. Jason - thanks! I`m the same, I just wanted a reasonably clean one that would look good for display purposes. If it works, that is just a bonus!

    Skyrunner - I haven`t gotten the batteries yet, but when I do (and when I dig the related games out of the box I have them in) I`ll probably make a new blog post about it:)

  11. Simon - thanks! It was a really good deal, which made it all the better:)

  12. I'm a bit late to the party, but wanted to give thumbs-up for that post - loved it!

  13. I sort of parodied this post on my blog with my R.O.B.! Copy and paste this URL to check it out.

  14. Thanks Logan, love the post (expecially the pic of him trying to play the arcade cabinet)! I forgot that the NES ROB is in a different color scheme than the Famicom one.

  15. Phil needs more time in the Famicomblog spotlight, who else agrees?

    Also, I just want to say that you used to have incredible luck finding stuff at the prices you did at Omocha Souko. Seriously, a CIB Virtual Boy for Y300... I envy you. Even 2 square button Famicoms..!

  16. Thanks Logan, Phil will be dusted off and put in the spotlight again someday:) I did indeed have splendid luck back a couple of years ago....I really miss those days.

  17. Bonjour, je tente ma chance car personne ne me répond :(
    Je cherche quelqu'un qui pourrait me scanner la notice de ROB. Merci
    I'm searching someone who can scan me manual of ROB.
    I'm so desperate, I dont find it.
    Thanks for your helpless.