Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Famicom Fort

I celebrate a small milestone recently with the acquisition of my 500th Famicom cart. I am now just short of half-way there (526 carts will mark the official halfway point).

Out of curiosity I piled up all my carts, including duplicates, in our extra room. It ended up looking like a bit like a fort wall, so I called it Fort Famicom.

Doing this reminded me of the logistical nightmare that this collection has become. I have no really effective way of sorting them and they just tend to pile up here and there. I segregate the doubles and put them on one shelf, and then I have another shelf for all the games I really like which is easy to get to, but other than that nothing. With over 500 carts (plus 200-300 duplicates) it is now officially "unmanageable." I feel like Lloyd Bridges in "Airplane" whenever I deal with them: "Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue".

Anyway, Fort Famicom looked kind of cool.
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  1. THanks! 10 more to go and I will be halfway to my goal!

    1. How can I get in touch with you regarding borrowing a couple pictures?

    2. Here is good. If you want to borrow a couple of pictures from the blog go ahead (I would appreciate if you just include a link to acknowledge where you got htem from!)

  2. Wow, what a collection! I'm with you, BTW, in your love for Famicom carts -- they're all so colorful :)

  3. Yes, it is definitely the array of colors that really sets the Famicom carts apart. Super Famicom or N64 carts with their grey cases and standardized shape just don't have much of a soul to them.

  4. Oh man... that's simply awesome. I mean, 526... I don't even have that many NES games! That's quite an accomplishment. Out of curiosity, would you ever consider putting up a list of all of your Famicom games (unless you already did at some point and I was just too derpy to notice)?

  5. Thanks. Actually I've added about 100 more since I put this post up, I think my current tally is 637 (out of 1055 total).

    I haven't put a list of the ones I have up. I actually just have a checklist that I printed off a couple years ago and I scratch them off with a pen as I get each new one, that is the only way I keep track.

    I'd like to put up a list, but entering 637 game names would take a lot of time;)

  6. Yeah, I can imagine. XD
    But either way, that's pretty wild. Keep up the good work!